Discussions on research topics

On the third day of the workshop on Public Libraries in the City the participants defined some main topics that could be the core of future common research projects.


In a next step we discussed three of these topics (or cluster of topics) in smaller groups. The goal was to define the topics and to sketch research questions.
  1. Library differentiation and identity
  2. Livable cities, libraries and the creation of place/space
  3. Impact of Libraries

We will work now in these groups in order to formulate the concept and to define research questions for each discipline. A more detailed description will follow on the website.

Presentations at the Workshop on Public Libraries and the City

On the second day of the Workshop on Public Libraries and the City (11.-14.11.2014 at HTW Chur) members of the NLUS presented their actual research topics.


Daniel Walser (HTW Chur, Architecture): Architecture and urbanism (Daniel Walser: Architecture and Urbanism)

Henrik Jochumsen (University of Copenhagen): The Model of the Public Library in Urban Development (Henrik Jochumsen: Four Spaces)

Olindo Caso (TU Delft): Libraries 2.0 – a new generation of public buildings for the contemporary city (Olindo Caso: Libraries 2.0)

Dorte Skot-Hansen (University of Copenhagen): The Four Spaces: A new model for the public library (Dorte Skot-Hansen: Libraries in Urban Development)

Susan Ng-A-Tham (TU Delft): Colonial Architecture and Town Planning (Susan Ng-A-Tham: Repository Colonial Architecture)

Ina Blümel (TIB Hannover): Library services for architects (Ina Bluemel: Architecture and LIS)

Sunniva Evjen (Oslo and Akershus University College): On Libraries in Urban Space (Prezi presentation)

Tonje Vold  (Oslo and Akershus University College): Gamle Oslo, a small library with big impact (Tonje Vold: Gamle Oslo, a small library)

Ragnar Audunson  (Oslo and Akershus University College): The public library as a hub in urban development of a multicultural suburb

Marjolein Oomes (Netherlands Institute for Public Libraries): Public library research in the Netherlands (Marjolein Oomes: Public Libraries research)

Karsten Schuldt (HTW Chur): Landmark Libraries in Urban Space (Landmark Libraries)

Nathalie Vallet and Els De Vos (University of Antwerp): Research topics at the Henry van de Velde research group (Nathalie Vallet: NLUS)