Project ALMPUB

The ALM field, digitalization and the public sphere

This is a project of our partners in Oslo, in which many members of the network NLUS are involved.

This project will investigate the impact of digitalization – here understood as the proliferation in society of digital production, distribution and consumption of culture – on the role and function of archives, libraries and museums as public sphere institutions. The research project relates directly to the primary objectives of the Kulmedia programme and the call: It aims at enhancing a knowledge base relevant for facilitating open and informed discourse, under changing technological conditions; it aims at generating knowledge related to the shifting conditions for providing access to and mediating from collections in libraries, archives and museums; and it studies user perspectives and the promotion of cultural citizenship in an increasingly complex society.

The project ALMPUB is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and will last from October 2016 until 2019. It is one of the projects in the KULMEDIA programme.

The project is coordinated by the Department of Archival, Library and Information Science at Oslo and Akershus University College. There are several partners from Norwegian Universities involved, as well as the National Library of Norway, researchers from Finland, Denmark,  Sweden, Germany, Hungary, USA and Switzerland.

The kickoff meeting took place on October 3, 2016 in Oslo.

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