about us

The Network on Libraries in Urban Space (NLUS) is an international cooperation between institutes and universities in the field of Library and Information Science and Architecture.

We aim to study the role of  libraries in urban societies and urban space. The NLUS wants to connect researchers from different disciplines and countries. It tries to foster the exchange of experience and ideas among its members and the public.

In the near future we want to organize meetings and conferences on the topic. A first workshop took place on November 12/13 2014 in Chur/Switzerland and a second one on August 24/25 2015 in Oslo. And in the longer term we want to cooperate in a joint research initiative on the role of libraries in urban space.

If you are interested to join the network, please fill out the contact form. All research institutes concerned with libraries, library architecture, social issues connected to libraries and similar topics are invited to join our open network.

Header image of Dokk1 in Aarhus used with permission from http://www.urbanmediaspace.dk