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Second day of the Oslo workshop

After discussions about ongoing or planned research projects in the different countries and funding opportunities on the first day we continued the work on the second day. Different research projects with their research questions and methods were presented. Furthermore we will sketch out our next steps towards a common proposal. We have in mind a COST action and we plan to set up a task force that will elaborate a proposal. Maybe also for an ERASMUS+ activity.

The members of NLUS disussed also open questions about a draft of a common research proposal. We aim to work further on it with the target of a proposal for Horizon2020.


Many thanks to the colleagues from Oslo and AkershusmCollege for the organisation of the workshop and the nice evening program with dinner in Ekebergsrestauranten from where we had a great view on Oslo.



Presentation at German Library Congress

At the German Library Congress 2015 in Nürnberg Rudolf Mumenthaler and Karsten Schuldt (HTW Chur) present on Friday 29 May the Network on Libraries in Urban Space and its research questions and activities. They will talk about the background and purpose of the network and discuss the research questions that were developed and discussed during and after the workshop in Chur. The slides (in German) will be published after the congress.

Discussions on research topics

On the third day of the workshop on Public Libraries in the City the participants defined some main topics that could be the core of future common research projects.


In a next step we discussed three of these topics (or cluster of topics) in smaller groups. The goal was to define the topics and to sketch research questions.
  1. Library differentiation and identity
  2. Livable cities, libraries and the creation of place/space
  3. Impact of Libraries

We will work now in these groups in order to formulate the concept and to define research questions for each discipline. A more detailed description will follow on the website.

Program of the Workshop on Public Libraries and the City

Tuesday, November 11

17:30-22:00: Arrival and get-together at Martins-Tower, Chur
Food and drinks will be served

Wednesday, November 12

Workshop at HTW Chur, Pulvermühlestrasse 80
State of the Art: Architecture, Library and Information Science, Sociology

09:00-10:00: Welcome (with corissants and coffee)
10:00-12:30: Presentations and discussions: current questions and methods (architecture)
12:30-13:30: Lunch at Mensa HTW Chur
13:30-15:00: Presentations and discussions: current questions and methods (library and information science)
15:00-16:30: Presentations and discussions: current questions and methods (sociology)
16:30-17:30 Discussion
19:00: Dinner at restaurant Marsöl, Chur

Thursday, November 13

Workshops at HTW Chur
Internationalisation of the network

09:00-12:30: Open space workshop: overlapping research fields on Public Libraries and the City. Can they be combined?
12:30-13:30: Lunch at Mensa HTW Chur
13:30-17:00: Planning of shared research projects
17:00-18:00: Excursion to public libraries in Chur
18:00-21:00: Apéro at Pädagogische Hochschulbibliothek, Chur.

Friday, November 14

09:00-09:30: Visit at the Kantonsbibliothek Graubünden, Chur
09:30-11:00: Conclusion, farewell – next steps
11:00-12:30: Guided tour in Chur

Workshop on Public Libraries and the Contemporary City

From November 11 until 14, 2014 an international workshop of the Network on Libraries in Urban Space will take place at HTW Chur/Switzerland.

The International Exploratory Workshop will deal with questions concerning Public Libraries and the contemporary city. It will treat questions from the fields of library and information science, architecture as well as sociology in an interdisciplinary manner.

This workshop is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF). The number of participants is limited. Researchers in the field of Public Libraries and Urban Space can apply for participation – not only to the workshop but also to the Network NLUS. Please contact us using the contact form.

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