Presentations and papers presented by members of the NLUS on conferences

Nathalie Vallet: Public libraries in transformation. The impact of local strategic management agendas on cultural mind-setting. Paper at the conference World in Denmark. Nordic Encounters: Travelling Ideas of Open Space Design and Planning. In Copenhagen 12 – 13 June 2014.

Presentations held on the second day of the Workshop on Public Libraries and the City (11.-14.11.2014 at HTW Chur):

Daniel Walser (HTW Chur, Architecture): Architecture and urbanism (Daniel Walser: Architecture and Urbanism)

Henrik Jochumsen (University of Copenhagen): The Model of the Public Library in Urban Development (Henrik Jochumsen: Four Spaces)

Olindo Caso (TU Delft): Libraries 2.0 – a new generation of public buildings for the contemporary city (Olindo Caso: Libraries 2.0)

Dorte Skot-Hansen (University of Copenhagen): The Four Spaces: A new model for the public library (Dorte Skot-Hansen: Libraries in Urban Development)

Susan Ng-A-Tham (TU Delft): Colonial Architecture and Town Planning (Susan Ng-A-Tham: Repository Colonial Architecture)

Ina Blümel (TIB Hannover): Library services for architects (Ina Bluemel: Architecture and LIS)

Sunniva Evjen (Oslo and Akershus University College): On Libraries in Urban Space (Prezi presentation)

Tonje Vold  (Oslo and Akershus University College): Gamle Oslo, a small library with big impact (Tonje Vold: Gamle Oslo, a small library)

Ragnar Audunson  (Oslo and Akershus University College): The public library as a hub in urban development of a multicultural suburb

Marjolein Oomes (Netherlands Institute for Public Libraries): Public library research in the Netherlands (Marjolein Oomes: Public Libraries research)

Karsten Schuldt (HTW Chur): Landmark Libraries in Urban Space (Landmark Libraries)

Nathalie Vallet and Els De Vos (University of Antwerp): Research topics at the Henry van de Velde research group (Nathalie Vallet: NLUS)